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RE: relay tidbits...

> If I believe that the majority of POP3 traffic over tor is 
> performed by 
> unauthorised parties, and as an exit node admin I'm someway 
> helping this 
> access, then is there not a moral argument for exit node admins to 
> detect the abuse of tor and alert the people affected? to go 
> further, is 
> there not a moral argument for this detection/alerting to be 
> done by tor 
> itself?  in POP3's case the mail server administrator/security people 
> might benefit from a resource that would tell them whether 
> any of their 
> assets are being abused using tor. as long as only specific 
> identifiers 
> are captured, with absolutely no personal details, I'd think a 
> repository of this kind would help out a few people, and I 
> don't see the harm in doing so.

Would it not make more sense to allow them (the mail server administrators
you are referring to) to do this for themselves if they feel they need to?
I do not see the moral argument for you or anyone else to step in and do
this for them.  But this does remind me of religion-think in general, where
saving souls is a (the?) moral imperative.  Tor != a religion.

> I'd be interested if people did see the harm.

By looking at it in terms of harm being caused by others to others on your
watch, you miss the (bigger?) issue of thou shalt not play god. :)