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Re: How do we defeat exit node sniffing?

Jack Straw wrote:

I have a question about that, which has puzzled me for quite some time.
Perhaps I'm being too rigid in regards to this.

I have a Gmail account that was created through Tor.
I should say, that this anonymous account is a test account. I use it
for no sensitive communications, however I treat the account as if I do.

 I have only accessed that GMail account through Tor, and my Xerobank
account. Mixing it up. I have  been very cautious in adhering to that.
Well sort of... My bad.

A few months back, in haste, I accidentally accessed the account naked
from my standard IP address. Maybe 2-4 times. That's all. But it happened.

I felt that the account had to be abandoned as it was now "tainted."

But then I thought, "How so?"

[mitigation details removed]

But is that account really tainted?

One day, you may find out the hard way. Like any plan of defense, you only know about potential vulnerabilities in advance.

As for whether or not your account is safe to use anymore... Well, risk vs. reward, like anything else, informs the decision. By your own admission, the risk is a little higher than it used to be.