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RE: How do we defeat exit node sniffing?

     On Thu, 05 Jun 2008 21:49:05 -0700 Wesley Kenzie <wkenzie@xxxxxxx>
rudely top-posted (if you'll pardon that redundancy):
>I think you could make a case for trusting 1 or a handful of exit nodes, =
>use ExitNodes abc and StrictExitNodes 1 to make sure you only use those =
>sensitive authentication connections like you are asking about.
>For example, do you think blutmagie is sniffing?  When it is trusted as =
>a V2
>and Hidden Service Directory Authority?

     As a previous poster has already reminded, it doesn't matter if the
entire path between the exit node and the destination is unprotected.  A
loginid and password could be compromised at any point between the exit
node and the destination.
>Or BostonUCompSci?  It would be kind of embarrassing to Boston =
>wouldn't it, if they were found to be sniffing?

     You're joking, right?  A school that operates with a publicly
"straight face" in getting a Co$ member for its president is going to be
embarassed if revealed as the operator of a corrupted tor exit?
>It is probably too much to expect at this point, though, that a list of
>trusted exit nodes will be publicly compiled.  I think you have to do =
>own investigations and come up with your own list.
     I assume you missed all the Summer of Code project descriptions and
discussions about exit scanners on this list over the last couple of
months.  Check the archives.

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