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PortableTor Update (rev-3)

PortableTor is a rebundled version of the Vidalia-Privoxy bundle that comes out on the torproject.org website. This project was created in order to allow the end user full functionality, optimal disk space, and easy adaptation of portable applications with the Tor network. It can run on a flash drive, a desktop, external drive, iPod, and if modified, even on a solid medium, such as a CD.

A new version of PortableTor has been released (and is released every stable update.) based on Vidalia and Privoxy bundle. This is a medium-level update that affects client logging of information.

Debugger information was set to verbose (debug 1) via privoxy, causing PortableTor to log traffic made locally. This new version fixes this configuration default to save logging space and provide even more security online.

You will also notice that the new version of PortableTor uses a new file format compatible with the PortableApps format of applications. We are continuing development of this package for interoperability, but as of right now, PortableTor is not an officially signed package, it just works with the system anyway. Part of this effort also allows PortableTor to regenerate configuration files if it finds they have become deleted or corrupted.

We are still working on new ways to bring PortableTor to new devices and storage mediums.

If you're interested in getting PortableTor, head over to http://portabletor.sf.net . There you will find the main project goals, download links, recommended additions and usages, as well as support forums and discussion topics. Criticism and feedback are welcome on the Sourceforge forums! Any direct questions can be made to Silivrenion at silivrenion@xxxxxxxxx .


Steve Morley