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Re: ktorrent and tor

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 04:17:12AM -0700, Dieter Zinke wrote:
> NOBODY should reply to questions of this kind.
> tor with ktorrent?
> tor with azureus?
> Tsss ...
> All list members should be highly alarmed if somebody asks for help using
> azureus or shareaza. Both clients in the hands of experienced programmes can be
> used to spy the tor network. Yes, i know this is not the case this time. A kid
> asked for help in downloading ilegal (?) music via anonymous tor network, which
> is idiotic and no serious tor user should answer questions like this. But
> again, be alarmed if someone asks for help using shareaza or azureus. Both
> clients are used to spy the tor network.

I only wanted to use tor for my connections with the 
tracker-connections, since ktorrent has an option for setting a
http-tracker-proxy. That does not mean, that all download-traffic 
goes through tor. I think it's reasonable to do this, whatever files 
anybody wants to share - and it does not use a lot tor-bandwidth.