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Re: ktorrent and tor

Please explain how these clients can be used to spy the Tor network.
I think the only risk of exposing real ip adddresses would be to 
other users of bittorrent.

The latest version of KTorrent is supposed to support socks5 directly,
but we do not want the data packets going over the Tor network
due to the load and also the liability to exit node operators.

I saw on the Ktorrent support forum that some problems making it work with proxy 
might be due to KDE having its own settings that take effect regardless
of what is done in KTorrent.  If you ask there you will likely get more
informed answers.

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 04:17:12AM -0700, Dieter Zinke wrote:
>    NOBODY should reply to questions of this kind.
>    tor with ktorrent?
>    tor with azureus?
>    Tsss ...
>    All list members should be highly alarmed if somebody asks for help using
>    azureus or shareaza. Both clients in the hands of experienced programmes
>    can be used to spy the tor network. Yes, i know this is not the case this
>    time. A kid asked for help in downloading ilegal (?) music via anonymous
>    tor network, which is idiotic and no serious tor user should answer
>    questions like this. But again, be alarmed if someone asks for help using
>    shareaza or azureus. Both clients are used to spy the tor network.
>    -dieter
>    --- On Sat, 6/14/08, sigi <dugongs@xxxxxx> wrote: