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Re: relay tidbits...

Curious Kid wrote:
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If I believe that the majority of POP3 traffic over tor is performed by
unauthorised parties,
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Do you, in fact, believe this? If so, why?

In addition to actively outing accounts that you believe have a good chance of being used in an unauthorized fashion, you also flag accounts that are being used in accordance with the server operator's policies. That by itself convinces me that leaking user data does harm.

is publishing the mail server IP address and username 'outing' user data?
would just the mail server IP address be better?

I would very much like to know if there are other reasons for doing this that you have yet to let on. Is there an underlying purpose or overarching concern you have other than simply making the proposal of a moral obligation to help others?

i just believe ,at least i think I do - running the relay was a chance for me to determine the morality for myself, that to participate in a system such as tor, whose purpose is so specific, and not to think and raise questions about what maintaining a relay means and the possibilities for helping the victims of these potential abuses, seem at the moment to not be fulfilling a basic obligation to your fellow man.

of course not all tor traffic is miscreant in nature and I recognise strongly the need for freedom of speech.