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Re: relay tidbits...

coderman wrote:
On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 12:12 AM, luser <luser456@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If I believe that the majority of ... traffic over tor is ... unauthorised

how do you determine?

a guess really.
based on one assumption:
- pop3 access from government and/or private companies will never be routed through tor
i believe this to be a fair assumption.

that is the crux, and since you cannot do so, you open yourself to
legal liability and target a subset of the legitimate users as well.

this is not to say that better education of users about authenticity
and privacy over Tor is not needed, but that exit sniffing is a risky
and less effective way to do so.

agreed, having had time to look around all the resources people have created for this community, every exit node or tor itself capturing specific identifiers just isn't a good idea.

could protocols supporting en clair passwords be denied, a la smtp?
is is possible to run a relay on tcp/25?
how about tcp/21?

isn't tor an interesting beast!

best regards,