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Re: Tor with secure Gmail

Man Man schrieb:
> Hi!


> I am using Gmail at https://mail.google.com/ with tor.
> When I am at login, browser will state that the connection is only
> partially secure, ie. some items (I do not know what) are not
> encrypted. However, once I untor, I am able to get into the fully
> secure Gmail login page.

What browser are you using?
Can you tell us the exact words of the error-message?
Does it say something like "self-signed certificate", "security
certificate belongs to other hostname", "certificate expired" or what?
Click the little button which looks like a lock on your browser's lower
right side (for IE and Mozilla-clones).

> I tried this for many times and got this result each time. As I live
> in an unsafe country, I am worried my government is adding code to
> network traffic to identify users.

So please state what exact error-messages you're getting.

> Thanks in advance.


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