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Re: Tor server on NSLU2: ORPort unreachable

Scott Bennett wrote:
     On Sat, 07 Jun 2008 14:00:05 +0300 Eugen <eugenrn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I want to run a Tor middle node on a NSLU2 device (266Mhz, 32 MB RAM).
I installed Debian etch version on it for ARM platform, and it works great..

But reachability of the ORPort fails...

In the following log lines, is *currently* my router's IP, and it is *dynamic* IP.

     That could be the problem right there.  Does the Address line in your
torrc currently match the actual IP address?
Currently, I have no Address set in torrc. But Tor is guessing it quite well.
In a past test I did set it to what IP router had then, and it didn't help.
  If not, then it means that
the test is trying to connect to an address that is not the address of
your router.  Whatever it is trying to connect to is most likely not
listening on 9001, so the connection gets denied, and the test fails.
As shown by netstat, connections are established on my port 9001 from remote
tor servers...
Also, using the same network configuration (router, dynamic IPs, etc..), I tested Tor
on my laptop, and it reported successful reachability for ORPort.
     If you're dealing with dynamically assigned IP addresses, then you
need to set up a phony host+domainname at one of the organizations that
offers such a service.
Yes, my router supports dyndns.org, but since Tor guesses it's IP correctly,
I prefer not to use dyndns.org yet...