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Re: OnionCat -- An IP-Transparent TOR Hidden Service Connector

On Tuesday 24 June 2008, you wrote:
> thanks for the feedback
> no, i am afraid as far as I know retroshare, it does not support ipv6
> why does your onioncat dont support ipv4 ?

The basic trick of OnionCat is that it converts the hidden service's onion id 
into an IP adress. The onion id has 80bit, hence, it would not fit into an 
IPv4 address but IPv6 has enough bits to do this.

> I think of the user, he needs to set up tor and vidalia and your app..
> I want a Plugin which has all in one deamon, which plugs into retroshare
> and then this messenger is runnign with it

Of course, an all-in-one package would be nice and maybe we will have 
something like that some days but IMO OnionCat currently is too maiden for 
such a project.

> Another question: no emule and torrent is possible over tor?? something
> that never has been appreciated for Tor?
> Imule is I2p, now we get the TOREMULE?

Well, basically that's no technical reason.
It's because the purpose of TOR is not to support people in illegally 
downloading/sharing stuff thereby eating up all the bandwith of the network. 
TOR is for protecting people's rights and privacy.
But I'm sure those issues were discussed many times on this list ;)


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