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Re: OnionCat -- An IP-Transparent TOR Hidden Service Connector

On Tuesday 24 June 2008, Robert Hogan wrote:
> On Tuesday 24 June 2008 21:01:27 Bernhard Fischer wrote:
> > On Tuesday 24 June 2008, M. Peterson wrote:
> > > Hiho,, cool codings,
> > > does that mean, emule and torrent can run over tor now?
> >
> > Yes, with some limitations. OnionCat (currently) does not route packets.
> > You can not forward packets to arbitrary destinations to onioncat, only
> > those with destinations which are associated a hidden service. It is a
> > "hidden service connector" and not an "anonymizing network layer"
> > (currently).
> >
> > That means that people running TOR and OnionCat can share data with
> > torrent/donkey/... together, anonymously, on top of OnionCat but you can
> > not just mix it with some "legacy" Internet-Users.
> >
> > > Was that not something, that was not desired?
> >
> > Not desired by who?
> File-sharing on the current Tor network is frowned upon because it
> conflicts with the presumed motivations of many of the volunteers who
> operate servers.
> That said, there is nothing stopping anyone else from creating their own
> parallel Tor network and distributing a tor bundle hardcoded with authority
> information for that network. (I know you know all this but bear with me.)

Of Course you are right.
But the major development motivation for OnionCat is to make hidden services 
more useful and usable but it's obvious that someone immediately comes up 
with the idea of P2P sharing.


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