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German Fed???


I have found this at core.onion (http://eqt5g4fuenphqinx.onion/page/31)

> gpfTOR1-4: Those are operated by a front end of the German
> Verfassungsschutz.

In APE-Wiki (http://anegvjpd77xuxo45.onion/wiki/HiddenServices)

> a5ec6f6zcxtudtch.onion - webinterface for Mixmaster remailer....
> (Warning: German Fed, don't trust)

Is it only the paranoia of some individuals or disinformation?

The tor-nodes gpfTOR1-4 are operated by individual admins. The admins
spend their time and money to keep the nodes running. We have 2 admins
for each server and every admin has only access to max. 2 servers.

For more information (only German, sorry) see our "TOR-Partnerprogramm":

The board of the German Privacy Foundation can not access the nodes.
It gives support by law, press contacts, management of abuse messages...

In the last time, my email address became a contact address for
questions about our tor-nodes. I know, who operates the nodes, I go to
the authorities, if it was necessary....
That's why gpfTOR1-4 have the same contact info.

And I have a question: Why looks our organisation like a front end of
the German Verfassungsschutz. Any help?

Karsten N.