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light weight proxy


I am seeking the most light weight proxy to use with Tor, and I am curious if anyone knows of something better than the following: I am familiar with 2 proxy services that have 4a-socks forward abilities: privoxy and polipo. Neither are what I would consider very "light weight," as I'll be running Tor + python scripts + forward/proxy services in an virtual machine environment. I know socat is very light weight in comparison. Socat would be ideal, but it has the disadvantage of requiring both (1) the local Tor connection information and (2) the remote host connection information on the command line at startup. Now (1) is not a problem, but (2) implies that a new instance of socat must be fired up for every new stream to a new endpoint outside of Tor. It would be ideal to have socat parse out the ip:port of the remote host for (2) just as a typical proxy does, but short from editing socat's source code, I am not sure if this is a possibility.

Has anyone else run into problems or issues like this that might be willing to nudge me towards a more appropriate approach? :)

Many Thanks,