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Possible bug in vidalia 0.1.5 'Tor Network Map' GUI?


3 days ago I upgraded my tor relay (running on gutsy 7.10) to
tor- (compiled from source) with vidalia 0.1.5 (compiled
from source).

I have noticed during the last 24 hours that, from time to time, the
Tor Network Map in vidalia is not listing a complete circuit.

What I mean by this is, whilst all 3 nodes in the current tor circuit
are clearly listed in the 'Connection Status' pane of the 'Tor Network
Map' GUI, the more detailed list of the nodes, that resides to the
right hand side of the 'Connection Status' pane, lists only the entry
& middle nodes.

I have managed to observe this about 6 or 7 times in the last 24 hours
(this error only occurs sporadically).

When I've noticed this behavior & verified the IP address of the exit
node in the current circuit, it does indeed correspond with the tor
exit node in the current tor circuit (listed in the 'Connection
Status' pane).

It's just that the same exit node isn't included in the more detailed
list/overview of nodes in the current tor circuit that is displayed to
the right-hand side of the 'Connection Status' pane.

I have only noticed this since upgrading to tor- & did not
notice this happening when I was using vidalia 0.1.5 (compiled from
source] on the previous version of Tor.

Is it possible that some error might have occurred when I was
compiling from source or could this possibly be some other kind of

Everything else in tor- & vidalia 0.1.5 seems to be working
perfectly ok.

Any ideas anyone?


John Smith

- Tor relay freeflow