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Automated threat messages force limitation of Exit Policy (Softlayer)


After running our 300MBit/s Tor node for less than a week, the US data
center Softlayer has forced me to limit our exit policy to well-known
ports after receiving 25 automated Torrent DMCA complaints this weekend
and again more than 20 in the last two days. I hope that now that the
policy is restricted they will allow the node to stay up.

All these complaints list pretty much the same Torrents, have been
issued by MediaSentry or BayTSP, and each offers to get back to them on
changing email addresses and through a web form. For each single abuse
case, I have tried to reach them to tell them about the node and its
background, including the offer to block on IP/Port basis and the URL to
EFF's legal page, but they didn't get back to me and didn't stop the
spamming. I even filed a counter notification with written signature etc.

It's frightening to see how easy it is to effectively shut down any
server at large ISPs such as Softlayer by just repeatedly sending the
same - possibly unjustified - complaints.

If you know of any Tor-friendly ISPs with large bandwidth plans, please
let me know.
Moritz Bartl
http://anonymizer2.torservers.net/ (stats)
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