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Re: Automated threat messages force limitation of Exit Policy (Softlayer)


> Out of curiosity, what exit policy are you now using? Perhaps we want
> to standardize on a policy that is effective at reducing these
> complaints.

At the moment, I allow ports 20-22,53,79-81,110,143,443,706,873,993,
995,8008,8080,8888. Feel free to suggest others.

> If you've filed the counternotice, maybe suggest your ISP just blackhole
> future mails from the abuse sender?

For each mail passed on to me, I also answered to 100TB.com so they
could close their ticket and pass that information on to Softlayer. In
every mail, I told them that I am sorry for so many automated complaints
coming in, that they should not turn my server off because of these
'spam' mails, and that it would be great to SWIP my IP range. No replies.

> As far as I know, they never got their test case.

Too bad. I am willing to step in, but I am not located in the US, which
seems to be a requirement.

> Being able to tell your ISP that the EFF will defend you in this 
> unlikely situation might also help your position with them.

I am not so sure, as they didn't react to anything I passed on to them
regarding my legal status. I am now trying again to get them to SWIP an
IP range for me.

Moritz Bartl
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