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Re: Automated threat messages force limitation of Exit Policy (Softlayer)

On Wed, 23 Jun 2010 12:49 +0200, "Moritz Bartl" <tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi,
> > Out of curiosity, what exit policy are you now using? Perhaps we
> > want to standardize on a policy that is effective at reducing these
> > complaints.
> At the moment, I allow ports 20-22,53,79-81,110,143,443,706,873,993,
> 995,8008,8080,8888. Feel free to suggest others.

I also allow 465 and 563. Those are used by authenticated SMTPS and
So far, I have not received any spam abuse complaints from them, after
running a 10Mbit+ exit for the past 2-3 years (though I do occasionally
get web spam abuse complaints).

There's also the chat ports: 1863 (MSN), 5190 (aim), 5050 (yahoo), 5222-
5223 (xmpp/gchat). Those haven't given me any problems either.

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