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[tor-talk] EFF Tor Challenge

By now you all probably know about the EFF Tor Challenge to increment
the number of relays:
I think its a great idea like most EFF's campaigns .

You can see in their list that most people (including myself) choose
to setup a middle node instead of an exit node, and that's the safest
choice for setting up a relay in your home.
I thought home PCs should run a middle node while servers from
important organizations, universities and news agencies should ran an
exit node.

I have to say I felt a bit disappointed when I saw that the EFF was
also running a middle node. I thought they would be running the
openest exit node. I know that they are not encouraging people to run
exit nodes. But if they do not setup an exit node, who will? I saw
some comments on reddit about this.
Does anyone else feels the same?
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