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Re: [tor-talk] EFF Tor Challenge

On Wednesday 1 June, 2011 16:39:22 Javier Bassi wrote:
> I have to say I felt a bit disappointed when I saw that the EFF was
> also running a middle node. I thought they would be running the
> openest exit node. I know that they are not encouraging people to run
> exit nodes. But if they do not setup an exit node, who will? I saw
> some comments on reddit about this.
> Does anyone else feels the same?


Although, until a Best Practices emerges for running a relay securely, I won't be running a relay at all.  We went over this in detail here recently.  The three methods I can think of have problems:

- chroot jail can be broken by a skilled cracker.
- VirtualBox VM bridged to LAN still must share the LAN class C, and could potentially monitor internal traffic.  (And please don't quibble with me calling it a class C... they have to make up a name and stick with it.  I still call Nissan's a Datsun)
- VPN to router, most routers do not have VPN functionality, only the business-class like ProSafe.

Until Best Practices are defined, many of us will be wary as we know what is possible.

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