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Re: [tor-talk] EFF Tor Challenge

On 06/01/2011 07:35 PM, CACook@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Wednesday 1 June, 2011 16:39:22 Javier Bassi wrote:
I have to say I felt a bit disappointed when I saw that the EFF
was also running a middle node. I thought they would be running
the openest exit node.

Everybody's gotta choose their battles and the EFF has chosen enough of
them to earn my great admiration.

Although, until a Best Practices emerges for running a relay
securely, I won't be running a relay at all.  We went over this in
detail here recently.  The three methods I can think of have

- chroot jail can be broken by a skilled cracker.

Yeah it's usually a matter of only a few weeks between local privilege escalation exploits for Linux are published on lists like Full-Disclosure, and those are just the ones that are not sold. Security boundaries on shared commodity hardware have almost always turned out to be ineffective. They're a myth, like Santa Claus, one that basically honest and good-natured people agree to believe in because of the huge cost savings it enables (over having to purchase separate hardware for every category of data).

But this latest round of virtualization technology is holding up better than I'd expected.

- VirtualBox VM bridged to LAN still must share the LAN class C, and
could potentially monitor internal traffic.   (And please don't
quibble with me calling it a class C... they have to make up a name
and stick with it.  I still call Nissan's a Datsun)

No, you're factually wrong on the deeper point. The muddy terminology is just a symptom.

- VPN to router, most routers do not have VPN functionality, only the
business-class like ProSafe.

Don't forget the host-only virtual networking that was suggested too.

Until Best Practices are defined, many of us will be wary as we know
what is possible.

Yes, everyone should think and plan carefully before running anything that accepts incoming connections from the internet. However, the millions of actual servers on the internet show that many can accomplish it in practice (both well and poorly). A Tor internal node is not really special in this regard and, actually, its attack surface is relatively limited in comparison. Just imagine trying to secure a full-featured multiuser mail server!

Personally I'm more concerned about running Wordpress or any other random PHP app than TOR.

- Marsh
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