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[tor-talk] browser bundles

HI All,

I have downloaded tor browser bundles with firefox 4 and with an older firefox.  They both
seem to work well.  A few questions I have are:
Is there an advantage to one or the other?  Firefox 4 might have better security features
or it might be buggy still due to recent release and those new features...

The other question:  the page says it comes with Polipo, but I see no evidence of Polipo
in either bundle (in the script, in the processes or the files included).  Is there an
advantage to using Polipo or Privoxy with the Tor bundles?  I've seen a lot of discussion
about the "browser fingerprint" or "user-agent" string.  I would imagine that one of these
proxies would provide a good way to mask this info, but maybe the tor bundle does this in
a different way now.  

This is great technology - fascinating stuff!

(ugh, I hope this finally goes through)
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