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Re: [tor-talk] browser bundles

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On 06/11/2011 08:39 PM, Cristobal G wrote:
> HI All,
> I have downloaded tor browser bundles with firefox 4 and with an older
> firefox.  They both
> seem to work well.  A few questions I have are:
> Is there an advantage to one or the other?  

Firefox 4 supports HTML5 and this means you can watch certain videos
even if you do not use flash ...for example on youtube. Currently you
have to opt-in for HTML5 videos but I think the developers (of TBB) are
working on settings to opt-in by default (seen in ticket on

> The other question:  the page says it comes with Polipo, but I see no
> evidence of Polipo
> in either bundle (in the script, in the processes or the files included).
> Is there an
> advantage to using Polipo or Privoxy with the Tor bundles?  I've seen a lot
> of discussion
> about the "browser fingerprint" or "user-agent" string.  I would imagine
> that one of these
> proxies would provide a good way to mask this info, but maybe the tor bundle
> does this in
> a different way now.

Proxies such as polipo and privoxy were only a temporary workaround for
a firefox bug (hardcoded SOCKS timeout). The goal was to get rid of
these proxies.
TBB takes care of application-level privacy leaks such as User-Agent
Header and many other things.

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