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Re: [tor-talk] check.torproject.org isn't working properly?

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 11:43:03AM -0400, uu110 wrote:
> I'm running debian .debs version of Tor & vidalia as a standard relay
> server.

That means you're probably an exit relay. The problem here is that
check.torproject.org looks at the IP address you're coming from to guess
whether you're using Tor. You're coming from the IP address of a Tor
exit relay, so it figures the odds are good that you're using Tor.

In this case it's a false positive, because "you" aren't using Tor even
though "you" are running Tor.

> I torify several browsers, such as Arora.
> Using Tor as a proxy doesn't work, I can't reach any sites.

Sounds like you didn't configure it right. See
https://www.torproject.org/docs/faq#DoesntWork for some hints.

> I turn off all proxies, then I can reach sites.
> I go to Tor check http://check.torproject.org/ to see what it shows &
> get this message:
> "Congratulations. Your browser is configured to use Tor."

Right. This is the false positive I explained above.

> I can't understand how this status response could be accurate, since I
> disabled all proxies in the browser.  Shouldn't it say my browser is
> NOT configured to use tor?

If it could look at your browser settings, yes. All it can do is look
at the IP address you're coming from though.

> It also gives me my computers IP

Right -- that's your main hint. We currently assume that people running
an exit relay will figure it out. That's not a great assumption as we
get a more diverse set of relay operators though.

>, which, if Tor's not truly working I'd
> rather it not do.  I'd rather it just let me know my browser was not
> going through Tor.
> Same thing has happened with a couple of other torified browsers.
> Everything works as it should when I use tor browser bundle, but only
> if I use included preconfigured browser firefox/namoroka.

Sounds good. That's why we made the TBB. :)

> This seemingly incorrect feedback from tor check would most likely give
> people the idea that they're anonymous on the web when in fact they're
> not.  Of course, this false sense of anonymity could be quite
> dangerous in some countries/situations.  I'd hate to get the proverbial
> midnight knock on the door just because I can't figure out how to use
> the tor check site properly.

Hope that helps,

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