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[tor-talk] How to choose to get connected to a specific relay?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Tor. Just so you know, I have no idea about any technical stuff. I recently found about Tor and decided to use it as I thought it can be used as a proxy, can it? Just recently downloaded Tor Browser. I'm having a bit of a problem choosing to connect to any specific relay I want. If I let it connect itself, it randomly choses any relay it wants. Now, let's say, I want to access a site abcd.com and only US residents can access it and I'm not from US and I want to access it. So how can I chose a relay that is in US so when I connect to it I get a US IP? Is it possible to choose any relay you want? If yes, how exactly? Step-by-step instructions would be great.

My e-mail: junaidsohail@xxxxxxxx

Thanks in advance. 
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