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Re: [tor-talk] ControlPort "read-only" access?

> Is there a trac ticket for this feature request?

Not that I'm aware of. It was mentioned in:

"> Second, Jake made a great point that at present if a malicious party
> gets ahold of the control port then the relay's quite effectively
> screwed. The current capabilities of the control port are overkill for
> many controllers (like arm) which are just interested in retrieving
> information from tor (GETINFO options, event listening, etc). To make
> the control port safer we could include a torrc option that makes the
> control port read-only...
>   SafeControlPort 0|1
>     Restricts access of the control port to only include read-only operations.
>     (Default: 0)
> Making this the default would be a no-go due to vidalia (though still
> a nice option to have...). If this is implemented its setting should
> be part of the PROTOCOLINFO response.

Ah - I'm sorry, I should have been clearer! I meant to suggest another
control port _entirely_:

SafeControlPort Port
SafeControlListenAddress IP[:PORT]

This would mean that you could expose a second control port that is
designed to give generalized, rounded, perhaps even delayed statistical
information to a visualization engine. The first I had in mind was arm
but there could be useful stuff for mrtg or another graphing program. I
don't need or want my graphing programs to have the ability to control
Tor - I just want to get some data out to help me manage my relay.

With that said - I don't think it's a good idea to focus on such a
feature at this time. Work on getting the statistics to your controller
first. When you have a good case for the features being available in a
different, more safe way, you can make it happen."
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