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[tor-talk] Banned from IRC. Is there a work-around?


I just tried to access a few IRC channels on a couple of different IRC
servers (gnone.org, gimp.org, and their associates)and they all are
giving me this same message:

*** Banned: Open proxy or TOR (auto-detected tor-irc.dnsbl.oftc.net;
pre-join gline) (2011/06/09 16.07)

as well as being G-Lined (whatever that means)

I think that I succeeded in attaching to irc.oftc.net so now I want to
ask someone there about this but I got lost in the Tor documentation and
I do not know what conversation to join there, so I am trying tor-talk.

It appears that I am banned because either my IP Address or the address
of whichever exit node might be delivering my traffic is 'on the list'

Originally, Pidgin was configured to use the default connection
configuration, but I re-configured it to use socks5 Host port
9050 and I get the same result.

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