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Re: [tor-talk] Pirate Linux 1.5


AK wrote (31 May 2012 15:36:27 GMT) :
>> Was it your answer to my question about upgrading Tails?
> [...]
> If someone is using Tails booted from Pirate Linux, they can
> download the ISO from the Tails website, and use the USB installer
> there, it should work as long as they have enough RAM to store
> the ISO.

I'm not sure I understand correctly what you mean,
but the way I understand it won't work at all in the current state of
our tools. (I'd be glad to see our tools improved to support this
usecase, though :)

My point here is that I absolutely do not want to see a new class of
users, locked in a non-upgradable, obsolete and buggy installation,
coming up on our support channels, because someone gave them something
called Tails, that did not really work like the real thing.

So please:

  * Either make sure you give the Pirate Linux users a working and
    documented way to upgrade the Tails you are distributing to new
    versions we put out. Relying on "should work" feels inadequate to
    me. Best would be to make it so the standard, documented way
    somehow works for Pirate Linux users too, I guess, so that you
    don't have to fork the Tails documentation, the Tails upgrade
    notification system, and possibly more. It may boil down to
    contributing the changes you need to Tails, instead of having to
    slowly fork it.

  * Or, make it crystal clear to Pirate Linux users the version of
    Tails shipped with it "is meant to easily allow people to try
    Tails", and that it may be obsolete, may contain security issues
    fixed in Tails since then, and may be broken in various random
    ways. This clearly is the cheapest way to do it. In that case,
    perhaps synchronizing somehow with our release dates could be
    worth it, to avoid putting a new Pirate Linux out two weeks before
    the scheduled release of a Tails major version?
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