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Re: [tor-talk] Pirate Linux 1.5

On 06/01/2012 06:52 AM, intrigeri wrote:
> hi,
> AK wrote (31 May 2012 15:36:27 GMT) :
>>> Was it your answer to my question about upgrading Tails?
>> [...]
>> If someone is using Tails booted from Pirate Linux, they can
>> download the ISO from the Tails website, and use the USB installer
>> there, it should work as long as they have enough RAM to store
>> the ISO.
> I'm not sure I understand correctly what you mean,
> but the way I understand it won't work at all in the current state of
> our tools. (I'd be glad to see our tools improved to support this
> usecase, though :)
> My point here is that I absolutely do not want to see a new class of
> users, locked in a non-upgradable, obsolete and buggy installation,
> coming up on our support channels, because someone gave them something
> called Tails, that did not really work like the real thing.
> So please:
>   * Either make sure you give the Pirate Linux users a working and
>     documented way to upgrade the Tails you are distributing to new
>     versions we put out. Relying on "should work" feels inadequate to
>     me. Best would be to make it so the standard, documented way
>     somehow works for Pirate Linux users too, I guess, so that you
>     don't have to fork the Tails documentation, the Tails upgrade
>     notification system, and possibly more. It may boil down to
>     contributing the changes you need to Tails, instead of having to
>     slowly fork it.
>   * Or, make it crystal clear to Pirate Linux users the version of
>     Tails shipped with it "is meant to easily allow people to try
>     Tails", and that it may be obsolete, may contain security issues
>     fixed in Tails since then, and may be broken in various random
>     ways. This clearly is the cheapest way to do it. In that case,
>     perhaps synchronizing somehow with our release dates could be
>     worth it, to avoid putting a new Pirate Linux out two weeks before
>     the scheduled release of a Tails major version?
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Alright, I added some more details to the guide. I'm planning to add
better Tails upgrade support for the next release (not sure when).

By the way, criticism is highly encouraged. I like to know whether I'm
doing something wrong!

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