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Re: [tor-talk] How to force redirect each application through separate SocksPorts? (preventing identity correlation)

> Once either method has been configured correctly and tested
> it should work reliably until the environment changes.
> > I am working on an anonymous operating system (TorBOX [1]) and made
> > a modification to torsocks, called uwt [2].
> >
> > Using uwt breaks down to "sudo ip= port=9053 uwt apt-get
> update"
> > or "ip= port=9054 uwt gpg". It's also possible to
> create wrapper
> > scripts, which do that in an automated way. (Documented under [2].)
> > It's only a hack and a clean solution is much desirable.
> If you are using TransPort anyway, I don't see the benefit of
> additionally using torsocks.

Sorry, I have to update the start page. We don't use TransPort much anymore. Only for user installed applications, misc things, subject to be removed as a whole. Due to the valid criticism of identity correlation we stopped mixing everything into one TransPort.

Most applications are now configured to use SocksPort (Tor Browser...). The ones which only support http, not socks, these are the ones because I created this thread.

> > - each (http) listen port may be forwarded to a different parent proxy
> ip/port
> I thought about this a while ago, but as you can already get the
> use-a-different-forwarder-for-each-listen-address functionality
> be using a different IP address for each listen-address it didn't
> seem worthwhile at the time.

I hope it seems now.

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