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Re: [tor-talk] [tor-relays] Issues with vidalia-obfsproxy-bridge-bundle- on Windows

01.06.2013 13:33, Asa Rossoff:
> Dear tor-talk and tor-relays experts:
> Hi,
> The solution to my problems is probably obvious: "well, downgrade" (or
> perhaps, if skilled or daring, try compiling the latest code), however:

> I'd like to report that the current obfsproxy bridge bundle for Windows
> seems to be essentially unusable on my system.  Windows 7 Ultimate x64,
> first gen i3/2 core/4 thread mobile system.
> I think this is the first Windows obfsproxy bridge bundle released.
> Previously I used the pyobfsproxy browser bundle and simply
> reconfigured it as a bridge, which seemed to work fine and be very stable.
> My initial difficulties were all my own: configuration file changes between
> the two versions and filename changes (pyobfsproxy -> obfsproxy).  Solved
> them, to my knowledge.


I did not look into the bundle, but the bundle
contains obfsproxy.exe and this binary (obfsproxy) is from 2012.

There might be something wrong with the bundle. Maybe someone was
confused or the script took obfsproxy, because it said so. I don't even
know what the latest version of obfsproxy is named like, just that it's
written in Python.

C obfsproxy is legacy.
Python obfsproxy is under active development.

I used my default bridge 0.2.4.x and placed pyobfsproxy.exe along with
the other needed files [*] in a folder and made tor start it. Works
pretty fine as far as I can tell.

I'm not able to help you, I guess.

I'm sending this to tor-talk only since tor-relays shouldn't benefit
from it, but someone should read this.

If you can confirm that the version of obfsproxy you got now is older
than the previous version please open a ticket. (if you can't open a
ticket or just don't want to, send me a mail and I'll do it)

Sebastian G. (aka bastik_tor)

[*] The digest reply does not seem to be archived (like no digest seems
to be archived)

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