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Re: [tor-talk] Issues with vidalia-obfsproxy-bridge-bundle- on Windows

From: Asa Rossoff [mailto:asa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Saturday, June 01, 2013 4:33 AM
To: 'tor-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Cc: 'tor-relays@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: Issues with
vidalia-obfsproxy-bridge-bundle- on Windows


[A. R.] .

> 5) Sometimes, problem #4 never occurs:  Tor simply stops generating log
messages and I dissappear from the consensus (onionoo status=down).  This
also takes some hours.  This is the state at this moment as I write this
message, and looking at the log, there is nothing unusual reported
(level=notice/warning) (if beneficial, I can learn how to have Tor generate
a full debug log when run directly without Vidalia).  Tor is still
functioning as  a client -- without log messages to the terminal, at least
for a longstanding existing connection.


[A. R.] Interesting development just now:  I went to the Tor console window
that has shown no activity for many hours (andonionoo shows me down).  I was
about to close it and restsart Tor, but on a whim hit the ESC keep instead.

Tor immediatiately came back to life, ebginning with the following message
"[warn] Your system clock just jumped 64376 seconds forward; assuming
established circuits no longer work." and restested it's OR port (which
succeeded quickly).  I guess it's working again.. will leave it for
now..strange trange strange.   I guess I can run it from a batch file that
pipes a huge file with ESC's into it.. might keep it alive..


Thanks again if any insights;


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