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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy doesn't work with Gmail?

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Hello Mike,

> I work for Google as TL of the account security system that is
> blocking your access.
> Access to Google accounts via Tor (or any anonymizing proxy
> service) is not allowed unless you have established a track record
> of using those services beforehand. You have several ways to do
> that:
> 1) With Tor active, log in via the web and answer a security quiz,
> if any is presented. You may need to receive a code on your phone.
> If you don't have a phone number on the account the access may be
> denied.
> 2) Log in via the web without Tor, then activate Tor and log in
> again WITHOUT clearing cookies. The GAPS cookie on your browser is
> a large random number that acts as a second factor and will
> whitelist your access.
> Once we see that your account has a track record of being
> successfully accessed via Tor the security checks are relaxed and
> you should be able to use TorBirdy.

thank you for providing this information on this mailing list - really

I'm using Tor to fetch and send emails since quite some time but never
reached the point where I didn't get any 'Suspicious sign in
prevented' emails from google anymore.
I got used to it and occasionally verified if the IP address in
question was an exit node at the given time.

Yesterday google decided to lock my account (not the first time) even
though I used your described procedure (2) a while ago and hoped that
I should be fine now.

Did google revisit it's procedures or is this expected behaviour even
after following your described procedure (2) and with "relaxed
security checks"?

As several times before - I was able to unlock my account answering
the security question, but this is becoming a continuous burden.

kind regards,


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