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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy doesn't work with Gmail?

> Yesterday google decided to lock my account (not the first time) even
> though I used your described procedure (2) a while ago and hoped that
> I should be fine now.

What do you mean by "lock", exactly?

I don't believe the policies changed recently, but I might be wrong as I no
longer work on that system.

Looking at your account history, I see a lot of logins that are being
whitelisted by this policy along with an occasional login that gets sent to
ID verification. Checking one, it's listed as an exit node now on
torstatus.blutmagie.de but wasn't detected as such by the login system.
Most likely, our exit node syncing is flaky, somehow not getting a complete
list of all exit nodes, or your traffic was routed via that exit in the
time window between it coming online and being synced to our system. I'll
ask the relevant person to take a look at how accurate/fast our syncing
process is and maybe it can be improved.

Now for what happened after that. If you abandon ID verification that was
triggered by a Tor login at any point, the system assumes there was a
failed hijacking attempt and the account goes into a "red alert" state. At
that point access via Tor is denied unless you have a second factor on the
account (such as a phone number we can send a code to). Access is
restricted in other ways, eg, the risk analysis becomes dramatically more
aggressive. One way to clear this state is to change your password, another
way is to wait a while until the red alert clears itself. But you already
know this.

So the action items are:

1) I will follow up internally and see if we can make exit node detection
more reliable somehow.
2) You should ensure you can reliably pass ID verification, and, never
abandon it!

The easiest way to do (2) is to set up 2-step verification but with a
device instead of a phone number. For instance any smartphone that can run
the (open source) Google Authenticator app will do, but it doesn't even
have to be that, as the Authenticator app just implements an open standard
for OTP generation. We don't get any private data this way. Although having
said that, I'm not sure if 2SV can be set up without a backup phone these
days. Hopefully it can be.
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