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[tor-talk] Questions about IT security - can TOR help? Are theyre other systems out there?


Does Tor browser support a java plugin? 

And if you download TOR, are there any insecure parts of the process? 

Im interested in securing my entire communications suite as I had a
compromise immediately on a gmail account (business) set up. The usual
incremental asymmetric probing and manipulation over many months - and
maybe years. I noticed something strange - and trusted my guts - and
events played out exactly as required by others. My business is crippled
very quickly. So...

any ideas or validation would be nice. I have two weeks to get my
business up and running as its cost me years of work - and a month of
unbelievability at the obviousness of specific interference in the open.
I unfortunately, by reacting to secure my and my daughters and my
friends and business info, almost cover up any evidence someone doesn't
pilfer before hand i realised.

Like the gmail account - libertyblueberry@xxxxxxxxx - attacked
immediately with DNS, spam, and delayed emails - and accessed by
google and had account information added not associated with me.
It is deleted now - after google got sensitive info without actually
doing anything - so denying and pass on the info to others maybe.
Spotify, Elance, Peopleperhour, Australia Post, ASIC, ANZ - all -
gathered identifiable info, delayed, cross referenced, and then did
nothing - almost like a pretend to answer or give service, then delay
and lie, then pull back and close up with false allegations of breaches
or terms - which is not true. I can see how most people have a hard time
with just the normal levels of service - without someone after something
shadowing or games it appears. My business, personal, and id and
are ALWAYS delayed once i consolidated them. All electronically. I am
sure someone
is doing exactly what they are supposed to stop. Thats what it feels
like when my entire communications go haywire or cease (my business
emails - hardly ever get through normally - only all the insignificant
ones do). Indirectly - i cease writing things anymore - and im a

I assume - if big companies see any liability or mistake - they blame.
But also - there is something else - phones, computers doing their own
things and high data spikes, changes on phone setting, apps disabled, 
emails, even accessing secure websites and typing in wrong passwords
(accidently) - and getting
in...I have heard that people can put false websites up just to get
passwords and personally profiling. Its almost like someone wants my
time and to manage my affairs this month. scary! I havent spoke to my
daughter or mum lately - 
as just found out on the tv that anybody can listen to phone calls -
anybody with just an app. 
So if that can be done - then actual others must be more capable and
more cunning than that.

Quite unnerving and im not one to watch my back all the time and
constantly redoing the same checks on my info is tiring and not a
peaceful way. Maybe this is just how things are in the world these days?



  Randolph William Scott
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