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Re: [tor-talk] Questions about IT security - can TOR help? Are theyre other systems out there?

On 6/2/2013 7:22 AM, Randolph William Scott wrote:
Does Tor browser support a java plugin?
And if you download TOR, are there any insecure parts of the process?
No, don't think so. It's a secure site. Any insecurity would likely be in your browser; presence of *possibly* insecure plugins (you mention java) and / or extensions (addons); or lack of some security enhancing addons (NoScript & others).
any ideas or validation would be nice. I have two weeks to get my
business up and running as its cost me years of work - and a month of
unbelievability at the obviousness of specific interference in the open.
I unfortunately, by reacting to secure my and my daughters and my
friends and business info, almost cover up any evidence someone doesn't
pilfer before hand i realised.
Don't know what this means.
Like the gmail account - libertyblueberry@xxxxxxxxx - attacked
immediately with DNS, spam, and delayed emails - and accessed by
google and had account information added not associated with me.
1st, if looking for privacy & a provider not data mining; using mined data or sharing, selling it, etc., Google / Gmail & many other large providers aren't the places for you. Some details possibly missing. Were you running a business email acct w/ lots of traffic under a free, individual user acct? Though I don't really care for Gmail (I have a "junk" acct), their spam filters are generally pretty good (in my *free* acct).
It is deleted now - after google got sensitive info without actually
doing anything - so denying and pass on the info to others maybe.
Spotify, Elance, Peopleperhour, Australia Post, ASIC, ANZ - all -
gathered identifiable info, delayed, cross referenced,
Did you read Google's TOS? It's straight forward that they'll take / use almost everything except your 1st born child. Most businesses don't use Gmail, Yahoo, etc., email accts - for the reasons you mention.
im not one to watch my back all the time and
constantly redoing the same checks on my info is tiring
But you have to, if you want your data, transactions & business to be reasonably safe. Every technology requires some knowledge & expertise to use it properly & safely. Internet's no different. If you're setting up business accts- on websites, email - & you don't have the knowledge & expertise to put proper safeguards & security in place, *you may need to hire professionals.* Don't have the money? What if your car breaks down & you don't have the knowledge to fix it?
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