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Re: [tor-talk] Running a Tor exit node on a VPS: does location of node matter?

On 06.06.2013 03:35, krishna e bera wrote:
> The exit probability isnt necessarily a reflection of need.  For
> example, there could be a sizable portion of Tor users that want to exit
> in {US} in order to access American based websites that block other
> countries.

Stable exit nodes can not only be used for the exit position, but also
for example for the important guard position. So, by putting more stable
exit relays in underrepresented countries, you potentially strengthen
the anonymity against an attacker that does not 'reach' these countries.
And anonymity is what Tor is about.

For your example of USA: USA is already at the top position, with an
exit probability (available bandwidth for exiting) of 30%.

That said, yes, any exit helps, no matter where. The question was "does
country matter", and I say "yes, it does", and that we should get more
exits into non-EU/US countries.

Moritz Bartl
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