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[tor-talk] Third-party Q&As


I'd like to raise concerns about third-party Q&As and discuss them.

This is independent from stackexchange. (I don't mind using stackexchange)

Points regarding third-party operated and/or hosted Q&As

- No server costs
- No bandwidth costs
- No installing or updating software
- Little or no set-up time
- Censors might not block the Q&A while TPO is blocked
- Q&A staff helps out (might or might not be the case)

- Fees (might or might not be the case)
- No encryption (might or might not be the case)
- No control about personal data
- No control about advertising
- No control about data-mining, tracking
- Could be gone
 -> Deleted, because of $reason
 -> Filed for bankruptcy
 -> Bought by Google, then shut down
- Tor could be banned by the service
- Rules can change
 -> No anonymous questions allowed anymore
 -> If you search more than two question you have to register

Maybe there's more, but this is probably enough to discuss about and
raise general awareness.

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