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[tor-talk] Plans about Askbot?


to get this nice and clean a third topic.

No further topic regarding Q&A will follow today.

You had ask.TPO with Askbot already running and it is still running. All
it seems to take is an active community that feeds it with questions and
answers them.

Do you plan to use Stackexchange instead?

Why did no one ask to make a Q&A happen with Askbot?

Was the decision for stackexchange made in a rush?
Askbot is live for a couple of months, while the proposal at
Stackexchange is 3-4 days old.

If it was rushed, why was it rushed?

Why is Stackexchanged favored? / Why is Askbot dismissed?

Why wasn't there a discussion?

The reason I ask these questions is that you have Askbot and all it
needs are people. All of a sudden Stackexchange comes around and is
"pushed". Stackexchange is complicated as there's a process you have to
go through and it's a third-party and... It just doesn't make any sense
to me.

Additionally this is about "transparency". The Tor Project should be all
about "transparency" if it doesn't endanger anyone or is of private or
internal nature. It affects the community and if you want people
participating you probably should be more informative.

Not to say that this is a community decision, the Tor Project has to
make the final decision, but some statements to inform the community and
let the community discuss the decision(s) or statement(s) would have
been appropriate, I think.

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