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Re: [tor-talk] Plans about Askbot?

On Sun, 16 Jun 2013 15:04:08 +0200
"Sebastian G. <bastik.tor>" <bastik.tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> You had ask.TPO with Askbot already running and it is still running.
> All it seems to take is an active community that feeds it with
> questions and answers them.

The askbot software needs work itself, and there's the enhancements we'd
want to see for our own needs, such as:

  * Add a subsite feature:
    - a single login should allow to post on different subsites
    - a single user might have different credentials, karmas and badges
      in different subsites
    - allow to move questions between subsites (if allowed to do so)
    - subsites can be tied to one or more languages (see multilanguage)
  * Enable people to post and comment without having to provide an
    email address to create an account.
  * Fix the display issue in the Ajax search box renders it unusable
    with TBB and Tails.
  * Add multilanguage feature to:
    - allow users to change the language of the interface they see
    - allow to filter the content by the language of the questions
  * Add askbot to debian wheezy repos for easy installation

It came down to the decision of spending money on fixing and modifying
askbot and making a better tor. We chose the latter.

If some community wants to improve askbot, we'll consider using it in
the future. Right now, we have limited resources and had to choose
between more tor or askbot. Again, we're always going to choose tor in
these decisions.

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