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Re: [tor-talk] "Torifier" for Windows

Is there a Tor Project sanctioned method to "torify"
applications on Windows?

On systems such as Linux there are wrappers like torify
and torsocks. Windows does have some functional pseudo
equivalents like FreeCap and other proprietary/closed

I am wondering if anyone has worked on something that can
torify command line (say via Cygwin) or if the Tor project
has a recommended method for torifying applications that
lack native SOCKS support.

There is Torcap, but do not think it is maintained. Plus, it is written in Delphi. And -- as I recall, it uses a injection library that ships without source code.


However, DLL injection isn't a complete solution on Windows. The proper solution would require an NT driver. In the past, that'd be a TDI or NDIS filter driver. With modern versions, it'd require Windows Filtering Platform (WFP)-based driver, perhaps in conjunction with an NDIS filter. AFAIK, Tor tends to prefer the virtualized Linux solution on Windows, TBB or TAILs. Eg, see Andrew's comments here:

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