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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser Bundle 3.0alpha1 test builds (Chrash upon launch)

Andreas Krey:
>On Sat, 15 Jun 2013 19:09:28 +0000, Mike Perry wrote: >... >> For everyone who is experiencing these crashes: Do you have a system tor >> installed? If so, if you uninstall it and reboot, does TBB still crash? >>Not sure what 'system tor' is. I have older TBBs on the system, but >they shouldn't do anything permanent to the system? Anyway, it crashes >the same way after a reboot without having run the old TBB before.  I mean the bridge bundles, relay bundles or the vidalia+tor bundles that
get installed into your program files directory as opposed to just your
desktop. These tor binaries get registered as a Windows system service,
which could have a number of different effects. If people are experiencing these crashes without having installed a Tor
Relay or similar bundle, then the next step is to make a fresh VM and
start adding your favorite security and other always-on service software
to the VM until it breaks. Once again, there are quite a few people for which these bundles work
just fine on vanilla x64+Win7, so there has to be some third party
software component causing these crash/exit issues. -- 
Mike Perry


I'm sorry Mike, but that's a bullshit excuse and reasoning, you can't just
blame 'other software' and tell users to figure it out. 

Even before you released this version, the most recent versions of TBB (alpha and not) 
have been crashing indiscriminately. I didn't make a bug report as I assumed others would.
I'm sure as HELL not about to do your job for you and make a fresh VM and try to figure it
out. It's your (Tor's) software that isn't working, you should be willing to help figure it 

On my system the ONLY security software I use is Comodo firewall. And I don't have any other
3rd party programs running. 

You're passing the buck and that's not okay.
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