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Re: [tor-talk] Until there's a REAL effing way to communicate, that evey1 can use, I'm DONE

Hi Roman,

 From: Roman Mamedov <rm@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, June 17, 2013 9:12 PM
Subject: Re: [tor-talk] Until there's a REAL effing way to communicate, that evey1 can use, I'm DONE

On Mon, 17 Jun 2013 17:14:21 -0700 (PDT)
Cat S <catslovetor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> "real solution" = discussion forum

Following a dozen forums is a time-consuming hassle, but keeping up with a
dozen of mailing lists in a proper client with filtering set-up is just a breeze.

The best you will get from your proposed change will be something like Ubuntu
Forums, it's too often that when I google about some problem, I get a link to
those, and it's almost always some clueless newbie asking about a vaguely
similar problem, but getting no replies on their thread, or a couple of
even more clueless, useless replies. Seems like no one competent wants to
participate in forums, so at best you will get "the blind leading the deaf"
type of "communication".

With respect,


I agree, with some caveats:

1. Look at it from a newbs (non-tech user) point of view (i.e., the user-base TBB is geared for): 
A newb is not going to have any clue about setting up a mailing-list with proper filters in their e-mail client, let alone with many mailing-lists. I think you, and others that are 'tech,' look at it from your point of view, which is natural, but in this case I think not all that helpful. If I was only caring about tech people, sure I would agree, but in this case I care about the newbs because they don't know what they're doing.

2. Why would we have more than one forum? If there's a single official Tor forum, then that's that. A single forum can have many child-forums (e.g., talk about specific Tor projects). And, the forum can offer a 'tagging' feature, so you can 'tag' a single discussion thread and get e-mailed when someone posts a new message in that thread; I think that's what your'e asking for, no?

3. If there was a single official Tor forum there would be a lot of traffic, and e.g. "super mods," "mods," and "mentors" get tags listing them as such (normally under their avatar picture, if they have an avatar), so everyone can see who to trust in terms of claims made. If there was an official Tor forum, at least I and (I think) Atagar would participate, as he made the test Tor phpBB forum I referred to before [0].

[0] ""experimental,unofficial Tor forum" (Atagar's phpbb forum...)"
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