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[tor-talk] Until there's a REAL effing way to communicate, that evey1 can use, I'm DONE

Hi all,

This mailing-list is a stupid fucking joke, well, at least for those of us who aren't techies. Really, this is stupid, you're not allowing a lot of people to community by using this Ivory tower mailing-list crap.

I've been using Tor near 10 years now, and this has GOT to change. It's like Tor Project is stuck in the 20th Century! I know all the arguments about why Tor Project hasn't (and seemingly won't) offer a way for everyone to communicate, and they're valid but they're also bullshit. They're bullshit because you're all (or, at least most of you are) using them as an excuse to throw up your hands and start a stupid fucking stack exchange page . . . with all it's Fackbook integration and other crap users have to wade through :( 

I will never donate another penny to Tor, and I've given quite a lot (anonymously) over the years, until a real solution is found. What the hell happened to the money that was supposedly ear-marked to write (or hack) a forum software?

"real solution" = discussion forum

I'm going to start an account at stack exchange and try my damndest to make my question in the top: 
"Why won't the Tor Project support user-friendly form of anonymous communication - i.e., a discussion forum?"

Stop with the fucking madness! Just make a real solution and be done with it! Otherwise, decrease the lag time between when a message is posted on the mailing-list and when it reaches my inbox. I mean, what the hell?! Why does it take so effing long for an e-mail to reach my inbox when it's been up on the mailing-list for quite a while?! That's why it's so hard to use mailing-lists, there not instantaneous, so it's very hard to have a on-going conversion. 

Mailing-lists suck Cartman's balls.

The Tor Project needs someone who ONLY cares about Tor's users, not about the code per se. Having the greatest Tor in the world is a great goal, but if you don't allow non-tech users a way to communicate your work's not worth a damn (as techies already now how to use these programs, the prole you're trying to help generally DO NOT - I know this because I teach many people how to use TBB).
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