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Re: [tor-talk] Until there's a REAL effing way to communicate, that evey1 can use, I'm DONE

Speaking of which...how does one 'quit' said mailing list?

On 18 June 2013 01:14, Cat S <catslovetor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> This mailing-list is a stupid fucking joke, well, at least for those of us
> who aren't techies. Really, this is stupid, you're not allowing a lot of
> people to community by using this Ivory tower mailing-list crap.
> I've been using Tor near 10 years now, and this has GOT to change. It's
> like Tor Project is stuck in the 20th Century! I know all the arguments
> about why Tor Project hasn't (and seemingly won't) offer a way for everyone
> to communicate, and they're valid but they're also bullshit. They're
> bullshit because you're all (or, at least most of you are) using them as an
> excuse to throw up your hands and start a stupid fucking stack exchange
> page . . . with all it's Fackbook integration and other crap users have to
> wade through :(
> I will never donate another penny to Tor, and I've given quite a lot
> (anonymously) over the years, until a real solution is found. What the hell
> happened to the money that was supposedly ear-marked to write (or hack) a
> forum software?
> "real solution" = discussion forum
> I'm going to start an account at stack exchange and try my damndest to
> make my question in the top:
> "Why won't the Tor Project support user-friendly form of anonymous
> communication - i.e., a discussion forum?"
> Stop with the fucking madness! Just make a real solution and be done with
> it! Otherwise, decrease the lag time between when a message is posted on
> the mailing-list and when it reaches my inbox. I mean, what the hell?! Why
> does it take so effing long for an e-mail to reach my inbox when it's been
> up on the mailing-list for quite a while?! That's why it's so hard to use
> mailing-lists, there not instantaneous, so it's very hard to have a
> on-going conversion.
> Mailing-lists suck Cartman's balls.
> The Tor Project needs someone who ONLY cares about Tor's users, not about
> the code per se. Having the greatest Tor in the world is a great goal, but
> if you don't allow non-tech users a way to communicate your work's not
> worth a damn (as techies already now how to use these programs, the prole
> you're trying to help generally DO NOT - I know this because I teach many
> people how to use TBB).
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