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Re: [tor-talk] "Torifier" for Windows

On 6/17/13 9:32 PM, Nick Mathewson wrote:

Also, its API hooking system is based on the ubiquitous  ZDisasm.c
file written by Z0MBiE, who to the best of my knowledge never actually
put a license on it.  So it might be legally problematic to
redistribute (unless I'm wrong about that, and Z0MBiE *did* explicitly
put it ZDisasm.c under some open-source license or release it under
the public domain.)

I tried to write to the guy but his email doesn't exist anymore, not even his homepage.

The code is already integrated in several opensource project under various license (LGPL, BSD, APACHE).

It's a curious question, i asked to some friendly lawyer "how" a situation like this one should be considered from the copyright/licensing perspective! :)

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