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Re: [tor-talk] Identify requests made by the same user

On 13-06-20 03:38 PM, NoWhereMan wrote:
> Hello all,
> i've ran trough your docs, without finding a complete answer. If my
> question is covered by a FAQ or something like that, please don't
> hesitate to "RTFM" me :)

Some of your question is answered here:

> The point: does a tor client have a kind of "unique ID" in the
> network? I mean, let's put 2 users create 2 hidden services,
> completely unrelated between them, under 2 different .onion domains.
> Then, I set up my tor client and use both hidden services. Is someway
> possible to know that those 2 requests have been made by me (by my tor
> client, as my IP and identity is completely hidden)?
> Hope you understand what I mean. A practical example would be:
> I go to the aaa.onion forum and describe my plan to kill Obama. I'm
> completely anonymous. Then, from the same Tor client, I open
> bbb.onion, and comment on a post giving my home address. If the client
> had an unique id, it would be possible to associate those 2 actions.
> You don't know what is the IP address of that client, or where is it,
> but you actually know that the post on aaa.onion and comment on
> bbb.onion have been written by the same person (actually, "from the
> same client").

1) By design, you cannot know whether aaa.onion and bbb.onion are
running on the same machine or are run by the same operator.

2) If either .onion site requires registration, you must be careful to
use different email userid and password on each, and those must also be
different from anything you use in non-Tor contexts.

3) If you check the tests at
    you will see how much browser fingerprinting is possible.  So you
must be careful not to change any settings that will make your browsing
session look different from any other person using TBB. 
TBB is designed to make all its users have the same browser fingerprint,
i.e. no unique id.

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