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[tor-talk] Tor Weekly NewsÂâ Call for volunteers


More and more people talk about Tor. More and more people use Tor.
These days, the Tor community is growing, diverse and vibrant!

This is really great, but there's activity on many fronts, and it's hard
for anyone to follow what's happening. It seems we've reached the size
where a weekly newsletter would help developers, relay operators, power
users and general enthusiasts to stay informed on the current
developments, initiatives and on-going discussions.

For a more detailed description on what it could be and how it could
work, please have a look at the relevant wiki page:

This is way too big for a single pair of shoulders. If you want Tor
Weekly News to happen, please help! We need editors to assemble and
publish a week edition, watchers to report on specific areas of the
community, language and technical reviewers for quality.

A first edition, to be released on July 3rd is in the making. Take a
peek or, even better, participate:

Feel free to reach me by email or through IRC if you'd like to get

Lunar                                             <lunar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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