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[tor-talk] Routing Jitsi through Tor

I've set up a XMPP server and my users are access through Jisti. I want
to allow them to connect via Tor if they want. But when I tried to help
a user set it up, it failed. We used the following information:

Proxy Type: SOCKS5
Proxy Server: localhost and
Proxy Port: 9050 and 9051

It simply sat there and did not connect. The alternate entries for Proxy
Server and Proxy Port are from two separate tries.

Is there something I'm missing here? Is Jisti able to be routed through Tor?


Anthony Papillion
Phone:   1.918.533.9699
SIP:     sip:cajuntechie@xxxxxxxxx
iNum:    +883510008360912
IM:      cypherpunk38@xxxxxx

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