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Re: [tor-talk] Routing Jitsi through Tor


On 29/06/13 2:36 PM, Anthony Papillion wrote:
> I've set up a XMPP server and my users are access through Jisti. I want
> to allow them to connect via Tor if they want. But when I tried to help
> a user set it up, it failed. We used the following information:
> Proxy Type: SOCKS5
> Proxy Server: localhost and
> Proxy Port: 9050 and 9051
> It simply sat there and did not connect. The alternate entries for Proxy
> Server and Proxy Port are from two separate tries.

For a start, remove any reference to port 9051. 9051 is the control port
- for controlling the Tor process, i.e. nothing to do with SOCKS.

Good luck,

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